About Noble Insurance

Noble Insurance at a Glance

Noble Insurance is the leading Broker & Consultants based in Dubai, committed to offer risk management, risk consulting, insurance broking, financial solutions and health services for corporate, enterprises, associations, professionals and individual clients. We are recognized as prompt & professional service providers and have evolved ourselves as leading professional broker & consultant in the market having dedicated team of qualified experienced professionals. We have alliance with Foreign Insurance and Re-insurance Companies for specific insurance requirements. Besides having established relationship with local insurer.

Work excellence

Noble Insurance excels by upgrading its servicing standards and updating the programs to match the aspirations of the clients. Noble insurance implement revised programs and hone skills and efficiency constantly. In prevailing most competitive era we emerged distinctly on the basis of the ethical and transparent transactions and professional relationship.

Noble Insurance Initiative
  • Selective approach for product and provider
  • Online quote
  • Regular market updation
  • Expertise in International Insurance Laws and Regulations
  • Noble Insurance provides Per Entry accounting to the client
  • One point contact for all insurance needs
Why Noble Insurance:
  • We offer sophisticated advisory and consultation services
  • Program customization to suit individual client need
  • Innovative best solutions
  • Most competitive prices
  • Best Prompt & Professional services free of cost


Complete peace of mind for our client

Noble Insurance provides a sense of complete security by taking up the responsibility of total risk management and investment solutions. Our clients are free to take care of their business affairs and expansion programs shouldering the burden of risk coverage & management with Noble Insurance. As managing risk exposure is the key to unlocking the power of a Company’s strength and capitalizing on its opportunities.

Identify & Evaluate the risk

Noble Insurance identifies and evaluates the risk and determine the insurance requirement of the client. Accordingly design the tailor made package of insurance and placed with financially sound and local professional insurance company. We also have direct contacts with international re-insurers for the specialized insurance requirement.

Review the insurance portfolio

We review the existing insurance policies and compare with our findings of evaluation and recommend accordingly taking appropriate action to provide full protection to the client at most economical rates in the market.We also verify all the insurance policies thoroughly prior to handing over the same to the client. As a part of our practice we review the policy periodically during policy period to check whether risk covered matches with the growth made by the client. If we didn’t find it in order we advice client accordingly.

Claim Assistance

We provide assistance to our client in claim settlement right from the day of claim. We provide, support in preparation & submission of claim papers, and do follow up and negotiation on behalf of our client. Our endeavor always is to protect the interest of our client to the maximum extent