Contingency Insurance

This policy is designed for events such as exhibitions, musical shows, etc. to cover the financial loss of the organisers as a result of cancellation, abandonment, curtailment, postponement or relocation of the scheduled event due to any reason beyond the control of the organisers.

The major contingencies associated here are national mourning and cancellation of events due to adverse weather. The cover can also be extended to include non-appearance of a prominent person such as an artiste, whose presence is crucial for the event.

NOBLE is dedicated to providing Film and Event Insurance and Contingency Insurance which is primarily focused on event cancellation. Our expert underwriting team offer Contingency Insurance to cover trade shows, exhibitions, sports and entertainment events. We are highly experienced in North American and UK business but can also accept business from across the globe

Our key focus areas are Event Cancellation and Abandonment. Contingency Insurance coverage is provided below:
  1. Event cancellation and abandonment
  2. Corporate events Sporting events
  3. Trade shows
  4. Music festivals
  5. Film producers’ indemnity
  6. Film production
  7. Death & disgrace
  8. Non-appearance
  9. Music tours
  10. Key speakers
  11. Theatre production
  12. Prize indemnity
  13. Lottery Game shows
  14. Hole in one
  15. Contractual bonus
  16. Weather related risks
  17. Advertising shoots
Additional Contingency insurance cover

NOBLE Insurance Broker, Dubai – UAE, key focus areas for Contingency Insurance are detailed above – if you would like to discuss additional cover options (such as Terrorism, War, Political Violence or Nuclear, Chemical, Biological and Radiological Attacks), please contact us and we will be happy to guide you to buy such covers.