Contractor’s Plant & Machinery Insurance

Noble Insurance can provide you the coverage for Plant and Machinery items (viz., shovels, excavators, rollers and dumpers etc.) from any unforeseen and sudden physical loss or damage from any cause not specifically excluded. This insurance indemnify the insured of such loss by payment in cash, replacement or repair. The cover shall apply whether the insured items are at work or at rest, being dismantled for cleaning, in course of subsequent re-erection.

Various types of construction plants, machinery and equipments are used in the construction or erection on projects site. These plants, equipments and machinery are exposed to a number of risks in addition to the exposure to natural calamities.

The CPM Policy covers Contractor’s Plants, Machinery and Equipments against any unforeseen or sudden physical loss or damage from any cause, including electrical or mechanical breakdown, but, except those specifically excluded under the terms of the policy. The indemnity under the policy is for replacement or r

Premiums are calculated based on the factors like replacement value of plants and machinery, make, model and type of machinery, age and working conditions, maintenance history, previous claims history and contractor’s experience etc.