Endowment Life Insurance Products

NOBLE Insurance Broker, Dubai, UAE offer various Endowment Products where life cover, along with Savings, is provided for a specific purpose for a specific period. The Sum Assured, along with accumulated Bonuses, is paid on Maturity provided the premiums have been paid in full.

Endowment Products with Unique Features:
  • Products with Family Income Benefit - In case of premature death of the Life Assured, part/full Sum Assured is paid as family income on regular interval (monthly/quarterly/half-yearly/yearly) for the remainder of the policy term.
  • Continuation of Life Cover equal to the original Sum Assured, even after maturity of the policy, till life.
  • Product with Critical Illness rider where, if nothing happens, the Sum Assured, along with Bonuses, is paid on maturity provided premiums have been fully paid.
  • Facility to pay premium within a period of five years or in lump sum.