Individual Medical Insurance

In our busy schedule heath is neglected very often and we realize the fact when we start paying heavily for medical treatment and medicines. Noble Insurance helps to provide for your Medical expenses by providing you and your family best suited product.?

Whether you live within the AGCC or are travelling abroad you'll want to feel sure that, should anything happen to you or your family by way of an illness or injury, you have access to the best possible medical care.

While abroad, you might find that?
  • The standards of healthcare that we take for granted aren't? always available elsewhere.
  • Local hospitals may be unable to undertake the treatment you? need or?
  • To arrange transportation to the nearest available healthcare? facility in an emergency.?
  • Some countries do not have state healthcare facilities and even? if they do, as a visitor, it is quite likely that you'll be entitled to nothing more than basic care.
Unique Features offered:
  • Products with nil deductibles
  • Cover for Pre-existing conditions
  • Most competitive rates
  • Worldwide coverage with best network

NOBLE specializes in offering cost-effective coverage for medical services with a range of deductibles and coinsurances. NOBLE has solutions for everyone:

  • Singles
  • Families
  • Self-employed
  • In-between jobs or without group coverage
  • Early Retirees

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