Key Man Insurance

NOBLE insurance broker based in Dubai, UAE support clients in Risk Management of the entire portfolio and advise the steps to be taken to improve the risk and make it attractive to the Underwriters to Underwrite the risk.

Keyman Insurance is an effective tool by which the organization can protect Financial Loss against the unfortunate death of key people. Noble Insurance can help you to find out the best suitable plan available in Dubai, UAE Market as per your requirements. 

Purpose of Key Man Cover:
  • It provides a financial cushion to the Company:
  • To protect loss of customer or sales in absence of Key Man

  • To protect loss of an opportunity to expand in future

  • To protect relationship developed & managed by Key Man
Who can be Key Man:

A person having specialized skills can be considered as Key Man, whose death can cause loss to the Company.

  • Directors of the Company
  • Key sales people
  • Key project Managers
  • People with Specific skills.