Ship Repairers Liability Insurance

Platinum Marina Insurance is able to arrange, place and manage all your Ship Repairers Insurance requirements.

As a ship repairer you may become legally liable for craft in your care, for third party property damage and for loss of life or personal injury. This insurance provides for your protection against such liability including liability for third party costs and expenses up to the limit agreed, caused by your negligence or the negligence of your servants, agents or subcontractors.

In addition Ship Repairers Insurance cover will cover your legal defence costs.

Underwriters typically offer two types of insurance cover – Ship repairers’ Liability Standard Clauses designed to suit the smaller possibly part-time operator and Ship repairers’ Extended Liability Clauses for large ship yards and/o ship repairers with an extensive range of ship repair activities.

The Ship Repairers Insurance policies offer affordable insurance cover for smaller or part-time ship repairers of potential liability for damage to vessels being worked upon, and for third party property damage, death or injury.

Special extended Ship Repairers Insurance cover is available for larger ship yards or boat yards, potentially eliminating the need for certain public liability insurances.

Ship Repairers Insurance cover typically includes liability for:
  1. loss of or damage to any vessel or craft in your care, custody or control
  2. removal of wreck
  3. third party property/death or personal injury
  4. travelling workmen - limit subject to Extended liability clauses only 
  5. car park
  6. loss of hire, loss of use
  7. premises risks
  8. tenant’s liability
  9. travelling workmen (world-wide)
  10. “hot work” on vessels not previously engaged in carrying hazardous cargoes where such liability occurs in the course of or arises from your ship repairing operations.

Optional Extensions of Ship Repairers Insurance Cover includes:

  1. “hot work” on vessels not previously engaged in carrying hazardous cargoes
  2. other work
  3. pollution
  4. Standard clauses only  
  5. car park’  
  6. travelling workmen (world-wide)
  7. Extended Ship Repairers Insurance liability clauses only
  8. storage
  10. maintenance guarantee

NOBLE Insurance Broker, based in Dubai - UAE has expertise and working experience in arranging Ship Repairer’s Liability Insurance in Dubai, Sharjah – UAE.