Term Life Insurance Products with Unique Features

Variety of products providing life cover with minimum premium is available. In case of premature death of Life Assured during the selected term, total Sum Assured is paid. This product is suitable for covering outstanding loan/mortgages as well.

These products, now-a-days, come with a number of riders like Critical Illness, Partial Permanent Disability, Total Permanent Disability, Reducing Life Cover for Loan/Mortgages etc.

  1. Product with minimum premium payable every year, as low as AED 1/- only per day for a very high cover.
  2. Premiums are payable in yearly mode. Single Premium option is also available.
  3. Product with Accident, Disability and Critical Illness rider.

NOBLE Insurance Broker, Dubai - UAE has these products and can advise the best product suitable on the basis of your financial status