Terrorism & Sabotage Insurance

This policy covers Physical Loss or Damage to Property arising out of an Act or Series of Acts of Terrorism.

Generally the coverage is based on a "Loss Limit". This Limit would depend on the Total Sum Insured of the Property Covered.

Property Terrorism and Sabotage Insurance has been specifically designed to cover the sabotage, terrorism, mutiny, rebellion, insurrection and coup (excluding war and civil war) risks faced by multinational companies operating in countries where these risks are normally excluded from standard insurance programs. Coverage for strike, riot and civil commotion can be included by endorsement.

Property Damage, Business Interruption and Contingent Business Interruption are standard coverage under this policy.


Getting the right Iraq insurance is essential if you want the best protection for yourself, your employees, or your business interests. NOBLE, arrange for even the most high-risk occupations and complex businesses, including:

  1. Specialist insurance – cover can include war, terrorism and kidnap provision, liability cover and protection for personnel, property, services, or cargoes in Iraq or in transit to and from Iraq
  2. Global life and accident insurance – provides a lump sum in the event of a death, or compensation for injury due to accident or violence
  3. Medical emergency evacuation insurance – international health insurance in Iraq is vital, with provision for emergency medical evacuation.
  4. Kidnap insurance – Kidnap and ransom insurance has become more and more essential for global employees and individual contractors working in dangerous, remote or high profile situations all over the world.

A recent Taliban attack on a convoy of trucks on the outskirts of Kabul in which dozens of tankers and haulage lorries were set ablaze has once again highlighted the need for war and terrorism policies for vehicles in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The attack was on private company tankers and haulage vehicles rather than a military convoy, but the Taliban has said that any lorry suspected of supplying NATO is a legitimate target for them.

International vehicle insurance with war and terrorism cover

Private contractors are getting involved with haulage and supply and logistics work as the military prepare to withdraw in December 2014. “There are a number of companies tendering for logistics work to help bring NATO, UK and US forces equipment out of Afghanistan. Many use the route through Pakistan to Karachi. We recommend that these companies consider our international vehicle insurance with covering total loss and public liability cover, with acts of political violence, war and terrorism included.”

International asset insurance

NOBLE provide international assets insurance for private logistics companies operating in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan. Stuart explains: “Companies with warehouses storing even benign things like water, food or engineering equipment can find themselves targeted. Again we recommend asset /property insurance with political violence, war and terrorism included. While it’s been reported that companies are struggling to get some form of Iraq insurance given the civil unrest there, we are still supporting clients with cover.”

NOBLE Insurance Broker, based in Dubai - UAE has expertise and working experience in arranging Terrorism, Sabotage & Ransom cover for Iraq and Afghanistan.