Wealth Management Solutions

Creation & Acquisition of wealth is sometimes easy but retaining and managing it comes at a cost. That’s where the role of a wealth management arm comes into play. Wealth Management is a science which needs qualifications, professionalism, knowledge and expertise of various things related to investment. NOBLE wealth management team based in Dubai & Sharjah, UAE have all these requisites and ready to support you to manage your wealth more effectively.

Now-a-days, Wealth management has become a full time job because of various options of investment spanning equity, bonds, money market instruments, currency, commodity, metal etc.

Insurance-related Investments are also another channel of managing wealth. These products will give one a window to manage wealth for various purposes in one’s life during the entire lifespan.

Taxation, Regulations, Territorial rules or implications also come into play when wealth management planning is done depending upon the need and requirement of an individual or a corporate body.


The main products that can be offered to clients are based on;
  1. Estate Planning:- Regular or lump sum savings can create an Asset or Estate which can be utilized for specific purposes during one’s life. Assets thus created will be useful during times when you need to buy estate or property etc. Specific products or plans or programs can be designed to suit one’s requirements.
  2. Education Planning:- Children’s education is one thing about which every parent is always anxious and wishes to ensure the highest quality education for professional courses for his/her child. With the ever rising inflation and cost of education, it is very much necessary that the planning for it starts at the earliest stage of a child’s life.
  3. Marriage Planning:- Marriage is desired for and by everyone. Marriage can demand excessive arrangements of capital, in most societies, as it shapes the life of an individual and a family thereafter. With proper arrangements of capital from the very beginning it becomes very much convenient for a family to take care of its child’s marriage expenses vis-à-vis its ever increasing costs.
  4. Retirement Planning:- Dying early is a serious problem, but living too long is a more serious problem. Unfortunately, most of us ignore this problem. With the increase in the longevity of an average human life year after year, now 74 years, it becomes a problem to be self-dependent financially, physically, emotionally etc. Being independent financially will have much convenience in our late life. Many countries in this world don’t have any arrangements, of any sort, for the elderly people living longer. Early start will need only smaller amounts being saved regularly to create a capital granting much needed financial independence. Starting savings late in life means losing a great deal on accumulation and thus compromising to a great extent to suffer late in life.
  5. Business Capital Funding:- Project funding or financing is required for businesses or companies to have their dreams of doing business fulfilled. Funding can provide much needed oxygen at the right time to a business to take its desired course. Many forms of funding or financing can be arranged.
  6. Mortgage Insurance:- Companies need funds to do business or to be in business. Many times, they need funding arrangements from a bank or a financial institution. The financial institution will ask for mortgage arrangements before releasing the loan or funds or finance arrangements. Mortgage Insurance is a handy tool to meet unforeseen events for the company besides insuring loss of capital for the bank or financial institution.
  7. Business Insurance:- Many forms of insurances are available under Business Insurance. It is only a matter of choice and convenience for a business entity to use it in the form it deems fit, proper and necessary. Sometimes it can be only for creating capital or ensuring cash flow arrangements or mitigating the risk of losing any key man or woman.
  8. Jumbo Insurance:- It is a form of arrangement wherein high or big value arrangements are done for HNWIs. In it, insurance policies are issued for a very long term with guaranteed returns and arranging funds through banks or financial institutions for premium payments. Premiums can be paid in lump sum or on regular intervals. Like other insurance policies, these also come with a great deal of flexibility.
  9. Regulatory Insurance:- This kind of arrangement will take care of the local labour laws effective through Ministry of Labour, UAE. Gratuity or End of service benefits payable under the Ministry of Labour laws can be a drain on the cash flow arrangements or finances of a company operating here in UAE, if not properly taken care of. Section 132 and 149 of this law enforces companies operating in UAE to follow certain instructions. Failure to do so will have very serious consequences for businesses.
  10. Liability Insurance:- This arrangement takes care of manifold liabilities for an individual or a business entity operating anywhere in the world. This is a new concept picking up very fast in the complex business environment involving risks of complex nature.
  11. Will:- Living in a country like UAE always gives us much comfort in terms of world-class facilities available anywhere in the world. But a topic that gives us concern is whether Sharia Law will be applicable on the financial or investment products that we buy in UAE. What is Sharia Law and how does it affect most of us? A Will is a document that can take away much of your worries. How a Will is prepared, what does it do, what benefits does it offer, how is it legalized, what are its implications? All these questions can be addressed with our expertise.

The products shall work on the premise of an important concept called Human Life Value Chain wherein the value of a human life is calculated numerically taking into account rate of interest, inflation, expenses, income, needs for the entire life span.

Other important aspects that play additional role are the offers from the service providers. As a Broker, our advisory services will always have additional value as we keep client’s interests on top. We have the knowledge of all products available in the market. We don’t represent an amateur financial professional or we don’t represent any particular service provider so as to have some vested interest for one company.

As we are an independent financial advisor group, we always have our hands on the most suitable offers that can fully satisfy the needs and requirements of an individual or a corporate client.

NOBLE Insurance Broker, Dubai - UAE can always provide solutions keeping in mind;

  1. Best possible returns;
  2. Most suitable offers;
  3. Client’s requirements;
  4. Benefits n features;
  5. Long term as well as Short term needs;
  6. Small to Big;
  7. Micro Insurance to Jumbo Insurance;
  8. Various additional attractive riders;
  9. Inflation adjusted returns;
  10. Internationally available competitive products;
  11. Tax & Regulatory related solutions;
  12. Onshore & Offshore advisory services n products.